Happy Diwali!!


I am missing all those sweets and festivities. 😦 . Anyways my best wishes to everybody on this occasion of Diwali.

3 thoughts on “Happy Diwali!!

  1. it’s like , people ve gone crazy bursting crackers here and all my pets are frozen by fear… 😦 the Kolkata police also made two rounds to put a stop to all this noise, but no sir! it’s diwali and people go crazy… happy diwali…

  2. Gaurav says:

    Yeah I remember, Diwali in Delhi!!…all the smell in air!!…not even a single second of silence!!!….streets littered with burst crackers next day!!!

  3. Gaurav Gupta says:

    same here buddy……….actually missed the feel of air tht used to be there in delhi…..the Diwali here in mysore n banglore is very quite as compared to delhi………..

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