My Flickr Favorites Mosaic

1. Flower Square, 2. Lashings, 3. Les Praz de Chamonix, 4. Fountains Abbey, North Yorkshire, 5. duol, 6. Wallflowers #1, 7. layo, 8. Blue, 9. Untitled, 10. Fenghuang 鳳凰 跳岩, 11. 日光の紅葉, Nikko, Japan, 12. Angkor – Ta Prohm V, 13. rice terraces, yuanyang, 14. Mexico, 15. PICT0024_1.JPG, 16. PICT0017_1.JPG, 17. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, 18. S A V I T R I. Vrindavan, 19. the headlines from bangkok, 20. Shy Girls, 21. Fatimatou 2; Sahara Occidental, 22. Meredith & Rothko, 23. Cowgirl, 24. .just me., 25. Cattails, 26. Wonder, 27. guitar in sand, 28. The umbrella lady, 29. Lucky Dog, 30. Isola Di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, 31. Blossom Bee, 32. Reaching for the sky, 33. skygears, 34. Carnival, 35. is anybody out there ?, 36. Watching the new growth rise up

2 thoughts on “My Flickr Favorites Mosaic

  1. Gauri says:

    this is a real winner… and also the candid credits… grt:)

  2. Gaurav says:

    Well I did not do much in this one….except for spending time on flickr and selecting the pics that I like best!!!…all credit to people who clicked such brilliant pics!!!

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