Halloween: Animal and Plant Ghosts!!!


So Halloween spirit has got on to this blog too!!!….Well I was just wondering: why dont we have any hauntings by ghosts of animals, plants, Fungi, bacteria, viruses(well we can’t see most of them anyways). A quick check on net told me that there are instances when people have seen or felt the touch of their dead pets. But no story where a cat or dog or deer that died abrubtly in a accident comes back as an apparition to take revenge. I mean in that case, you would have so many deer ghosts (not dear ghosts!!) running behind every car on the highway. And Pennsylvania would be most deer haunted place.

Ok, so couple of questions for you guys to reflect on this Halloween:

1) Why don’t we have animal or plant ghosts?

2) If yes, we do have animal ghosts, they do they haunt only animals of same species. I mean is there any Code of Conduct or something!!!

3) Are plant ghosts motile?…Common they need some change too!! Please Please let them move after they die!!

4)How do ghosts celebrate Halloween?!!…Do you want to see a Real ghost Halloween Party?!!

2 thoughts on “Halloween: Animal and Plant Ghosts!!!

  1. Gauri says:

    1) There are animal ghosts (the dead cat just growled meeoooowww)
    2) They (the animal ghosts( haunt all sort of animals, me and you included
    3) Motile plant ghosts? Wow, now tht’s really cool… (The dead rose shrub bit me last night and screamed he died cos i watered stale sugar syrup instead of water)
    4) Ghosts celebrate Halloween by watching ‘Kyu ki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi’ and other Ekta Kapoor serials….

    Wow… I loved wht i wrote… heeehawww

  2. Gaurav says:


    1) Ha ha ha…I loved what you wrote!!!!
    2) Stale sugar syrup to rose bush!!!…You deserve that bite from that dead bush!!!. 🙂
    3) After reading your version of Ghost Halloween….I so don’t want to be a ghost or at least not a Halloween celebrating ghost. 🙂

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