Madness is never that far away!!!

“Madness is never that far away, it is as close as saying ‘YES’ to that wrong impulse” –Jim Carey

Like everybody else, I get those weird wrong impulses too. Saying ‘No’ keeps me alive and out of the that category of ‘absolutely insane’ people!! But then they keep coming back every now and then. Listed below are some of those weird impulses of mine:

1. Jump my Jeep Cherokee from the top floor of that parking deck.

2. Make a U-turn at speeds of 80+mph.

3. Kick that automatic back door in the bus while it moves.

4. Throw a stone at that Red and Blue flashing light (you know which one!!) and break exactly and exclusively the middle one.

5. At Walmart, shake that whole shelf which houses the glassware.

6. When everybody is walking slowly, start running all of a sudden and shout, “The sky is falling!!!!”.

7. Throw bucket at somebody’s door at odd hour of night and when he comes out, shout at him and say,” God did not make night for sleeping”.

8. Stand up in the midst of that early morning Monday class and shout, “Get up!!”. When everybody turns towards, calmly say,”Oh!! I was talking to myself”.

9. Walk up to that person in a suit and say, ” Either be the President or else become a Hippopotamus”.

10. Tell that extremely fat guy that,” You are so fat that you have your own gravitational field”. (heard that on TV and so want to try it after that!!)

So now you know why I have never tried any one of them and will continue to curb those impulses. Well to have a much better idea about those impulses, watch the video that was inspiration behind this post.

3 thoughts on “Madness is never that far away!!!

  1. Kokonad says:

    DO NO TRY #2. I am willing to be a partner in the rest. 🙂

  2. charu says:

    I want to do #6 . very sooonn!!!!!

  3. Gaurav says:

    Thanks for your support mate!!!…but beleive me, #2 would be worth the effort too!!!..:)

    Well I want to see what people’s reaction is!!!

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