Nobel Prize 2007


So this year too my name does not feature on the elite list!!!..:)….. Maybe next year!!..Well, not many years left for me now to break Lawrence Bragg’s record of being the youngest Nobel Laureate. (He won it at the age of 25 in year 1915). I have increased my efforts by working on the new topic of unification of microbiological economics of chemical reactions involving chaotic strings on surface of HIV virus. This work increases my chances of winning a Nobel in all the fields except Peace and Literature. For literature, I am planning to write my research paper on this topic as a play where all the work would be presented as a conversation between two researchers belonging to two different economic sections of society.

Peace…Hmmm…Well I can remain quiet for next two days to promote world peace!!!!

Anyways, hats off to all the laureates for their dedication and work towards helping the society. For more details on their work click here.

Oh!! and by the way as much as I wish to win the Nobel Prize, I also wish to win an Ig Nobel too. To read about this year’s Ig Nobel, check Koke’s blog on Frankly Ridiculous Science.

(PS: All the individual pictures of Nobel Prize 2007 winners have been taken from

2 thoughts on “Nobel Prize 2007

  1. Ah, those big shots. They’re not so hot.

    It’s not like the Nobel Peace Prize is the only award on the planet, you know. I have a trophy from my elementary school’s basketball league and nobody’s throwing me a parade.

  2. Gaurav says:


    Well I don’t even have that prestigious elementary school basketball league trophy and since elementary school is not going to admit me in now, so I hoping only for a Nobel now!!!

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