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Study Group Constitution

Study groups are the ‘IN’ thing these days among my friends. Since nobody wants “Me” and “P” in their groups, we decided to start our own study group and that too a special one. We take pride in the fact that we are the first REPUBLIC STUDY GROUP with a constitution of our own. So here we present our constitution:

Study Group Constitution

Article 1: Clause Matters

a) The clauses should be decided first and only then thought should be given to the total number of clauses in the constitution.

b) No Article should have more than one clause.

c) Only exception to Rule 1b is the article 1.

Article 2: Study Group and Study

Study is defined as application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, talking, joking, fooling around, playing pranks, watching movies or Youtube funny videos, surfing internet (orkut and craigslist) or reflection. Any attempt or even planning to do aforementioned things will be considered as Studying.

Study group is defined as a close knit group of people who try to use the methods of reading and reflection for studying but always end up using the other ones like watching movies and surfing internet.

Article 3: Secular Nature of Group

The group would not discriminate with anybody on the basis of caste, color, creed, sex, religion, laptop company, feeding habits, vision, and wardrobe tags. Study practices are exclusion to this article and may be used to discriminate against certain individuals and this will not be considered as an exception to secular nature of group.

Article 4: Membership to the Study Group

Initially the membership of group is restricted to the two founding members (P & G) and their girlfriends. In the most probable case of G not finding a girlfriend, one more member can be added to the group on mutual consensus of both founding members. Other additions to the group albeit difficult, but are still possible. The channels through which additional members can come are ability to make good breakfast at early hours of morning wherein early hours are defined as 12.30-2.30 AM.

Article 5: Seriousness in Group

Although we are serious about spreading harmony and world peace but any serious discussion about course material between any two or more members should not exceed 5 minutes where I min is defined as according to its standard definition in Class IX Physics textbook.

Article 6: Fundamental Rights of the Group Members

I) Every member has right to choose any activity to do in a study group as long as it does not hurt the integrity of group.

II) Every member has right to crack any joke as long as it does not hurt integrity of nation (India and USA) and world peace.

iii) Every member has every right to dissolve a group study meeting if he wants to sleep.

Article 7: Declaring a Group Emergency

In case of approaching exams, founding members can declare a state of emergency under which all the fundamental rights except 6.iii will be suspended.

Article 8: Fundamental Duties

Well no duties as such but every member should keep the study room clean and we should all respect each other’s sleep timings.

Article 9: Constitution can be amended

Constitution can be amended under provisions of this article after due consultation with founding members. The reasons for amendment may be any conflicts of interest or just pure fun.

Article 10: Judiciary

All the cases will be resolved by judiciary whose headquarters are going to be at World’s End, 10 Vairo Blvd.#200A….PA.

We, the founding members of this group in our full insane minds do accept this as a constitution of our group and in our full faith decide to abide by this for rest of our PhD.

P & G