60 years since we became independent and its time to ask questions. Have we achieved what we could have achieved in 60 years. Besides the petty issues of that literacy, poverty blah’s the antisense take on things that we should have done in last 60 years:

1) We should have our own Football team (I mean the American Football!!) and should have defeated America at a game which only they seem to play. I know its hard to find a team of 56 giants to play but then what about those people from fairs in Punjab. (You must have seen some in Rang De Basanti song).

2) We should have changed the name of each and every city/town/village at least two times by now.

3) We should have redesigned the boundaries of states in the country. This way people will not be able to fight over states, and our opponents would never know which Indian state to fight for.

4) We should have stopped making dividers between roads long time back. Anyways, everyone drives on every side of road. We are just wasting concrete in making them.

5) We should have changed to a system where we are ruled by the people (and not by a handful of politicians!!)

6) And this is for all of us, we should have learnt to say that ” I am proud to be an Indian” rather than saying that I am a Haryanvi/Punjabi/Tamil/…./Bengali/Hindu/Muslim/….etc etc.

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