Nom de plume

Samuel Langhorne Clemens used ‘Mark Twain‘ and ‘Sieur Louis de Conte’, Charles Dodgson used ‘Lewis Carroll‘ and Daniel Handler wrote as ‘Lemony Snicket‘. Going by the trends its high time that I adopt a pen name or nom de plume or nom de guerre. So here is the list of names that I could think of:

Socrates Jr : Thats what my classmates called me when I wrote this small play called “Dialogue de Impropria: The Soap of Heaven”.

Herasoephoeceleous : A nice name, I think!!…every book that I write with this name would be considered as a tale from greek-roman mythology.

C. J. Darwin : Well this is one serious sounding name. It seems that person with this name has vast experience and has travelled places. So anything you say, you would be considered seriously.

Pliny the Elder Jr : My first book on humorous accounts in my daily life is going to be under this name.

# * : This one would be pronounced as “Hash Star”. Its USP…well its unique to have an author name like this!!

Well if nothing sells under any of these names then I will use Jay Kay Rowling.

3 thoughts on “Nom de plume

  1. Kokonad says:

    You should try Tchack de Phatteix. 😛

    (Pronounce with T and X silent)

  2. Gaurav says:


    Thanks…its a nice one!! thinking of trying this one on some of my research papers!!..:)

  3. […] a lot of posts about me. There is one on what I want to be, one on what I am not, and then about my pseudonames.Love: This one touched my heart. Seriously! I am crying now (that’s because I haven’t got […]

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