Godman’s Hilarious way of Blessing

Antics of our so called Godman never ceases to amaze me. This time it is this Baba from Uttar Pradesh who claims himself to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna. That man actually stands on his devotees to bless them. Check out the whole report and video here. This act of Baba’s standing on a person (men, women or even small children!!!) is considered to be spiritually enriching and at the same time free the devotees of any bodily ailments including cancer. The later part, I found particularly interesting as it can be justified easily. Well lets assume that Baba knows Acupressure and stands on specific pressure points in your body. Thats so smart of Babaji!!!……Now, lets get back to reality. This is ridiculous and the so called Godman is having fun!!!…..Can somebody please explain to me that how a 60-70 kg man standing on a 3-4 yr child be helpful to child’s interests. I truly believe that if that child sees that video after 20 years, he is going to return favors to baba. (if Baba has not become a huge celebrity by that time)

I think it was believed that inflicting pain on your body is a way to salvation (at least some sects of different religion believe so)…..but has the definition been revised to inflicting pain on others body by standing on them!!

And yes, I just remembered that our new president also talks to dead Godman. I sincerely hope that she sticks with the dead one and does not change her faith to this one. I do not want to see, photographs of this guy standing on our Madam President, in all international newspapers.

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