Antisense View of World as it was…

I follow news regularly but these days I dont really think and make opinions about what I see in news. But somebody (maybe my grandpa or my friend’s grandpa) said that its good to have opinions. So, today all of a sudden, I decided to ponder over the things that I read or heard about in last some weeks. But my antisense antics are hard to part with, even when I am discussing the news…that explains the title..So here we go….

1) Some doctors tried to blow up the Glasgow airport. Besides being an act of terrorism, I believe its a warning to all the wannabe doctors. The field of medicine is so cramped up that older people in profession are looking for alternative sources of employment. Here’s what you can do: Either open your clinics in villages or do something a litle less violent than bomb making. Lets see, you can start a photo shop selling all those X-Rays and Ultra sound of people in proper wooden or metallic frames. Also the attempt to blow airport was made in a JEEP CHEROKEE…..Now all my friends in India know which car I meant when I said that, “I have bought a Jeep cherokee’.

2) A women decided to walk semi nude to protest against atrocities done to her by her in-laws. Then a small time actress decided to protest against the means of this protest as it was against the Indian tradition. I believe that somebody should now protest against doing protest against a protest. My take on things: well PETA is becoming popular or at least their methods of protest are becoming popular.

3) Taj Mahal was included in list of New Seven Wonders of World. Well first time I voted for something and am happy that it won. I think I should also visit that place now (even though I live in Delhi, I have never been to Agra). The other day, one of my Chinese classmate asked me if I had visited the place and I felt so ashamed to say ‘No’ but I made it even as he had not seen Great Wall of China too.

4) I am surprised that Paris Hilton has not released a book or tape on her stay in jail till now. I am pretty sure that it will be out soon.

5) Zidane and Materazzi have decided to play together in a charity game to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s Birthday on 18th July. I have also heard that Zidane would play the whole game with headphones on and Materazzi has been given a chest plate to wear under his T-shirt.

6) Himesh Reshammiya starrer “Aap Ka Suroor” becomes hit at Box office in India. Well my take on that….Hmm…”No Comments”….

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