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Godman’s Hilarious way of Blessing

Antics of our so called Godman never ceases to amaze me. This time it is this Baba from Uttar Pradesh who claims himself to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna. That man actually stands on his devotees to bless them. Check out the whole report and video here. This act of Baba’s standing on a person (men, women or even small children!!!) is considered to be spiritually enriching and at the same time free the devotees of any bodily ailments including cancer. The later part, I found particularly interesting as it can be justified easily. Well lets assume that Baba knows Acupressure and stands on specific pressure points in your body. Thats so smart of Babaji!!!……Now, lets get back to reality. This is ridiculous and the so called Godman is having fun!!!…..Can somebody please explain to me that how a 60-70 kg man standing on a 3-4 yr child be helpful to child’s interests. I truly believe that if that child sees that video after 20 years, he is going to return favors to baba. (if Baba has not become a huge celebrity by that time)

I think it was believed that inflicting pain on your body is a way to salvation (at least some sects of different religion believe so)…..but has the definition been revised to inflicting pain on others body by standing on them!!

And yes, I just remembered that our new president also talks to dead Godman. I sincerely hope that she sticks with the dead one and does not change her faith to this one. I do not want to see, photographs of this guy standing on our Madam President, in all international newspapers.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (No spoilers!!)

Well finished reading the much awaited book by evening today…I must say that magic is still fresh in JK’s work. One gets to delve more deeper in the concepts of magical kingdom, its histories, its laws, principles of wandmaking  in this book which marks the coming of age of our hero, Harry Potter. He truly dons the role of a leader in this book which is no doubt a bit high on death count.Besides Harry another person who comes of age in this book is none other than Neville Longbottom.

When I started reading, I was a bit disappointed while reading some parts as I believe they did not actually belong to JK’s class. Some scenes in intial chapters were very movie styled. I have always (and everybody would agree here) that movie follows the book here and not the other way round. But as you proceed the sheer brilliance of JK’s work leaves you enchanted. This is a book which tells reasons behind things that happened in last books, about people you thought you knew very well already.  There is so much in this book that you would not like to get off from your reading table or couch even for a second (this is true if you have been an avid Harry fan all these years)…..and then you say its just a book!!…..

There are losses in this book which are heart rendering but the best part about the book is its handling of the end…its a fitting end to the gripping tale that has extended over 7 books. But my personal favorite moment of the book: death of Bellatrix!! (well am sorry if it was a spoiler to you!!..but it was expected that she will die. right?!!). I had certain ideas about people who will kill Bellatrix but you will be surprised to know who kills her!! ( I wont disclose here as I said “No spoilers”)..Well at least, I was surprised!!

Well so, this marks the end of HP series…Thanks to JK Rowling for bringing back so many people to the magical world of books.

PS: By the way, I bought this Hogwarts Cap from nearby Barnes and Noble.

What do you want to be after you grow up?

Remember your childhood days when everybody’s second question after “What is your name?”, used to be, “Beta bade ho kar kya banoge?” (What do you want to be after you grow up?)……The funny part about me is that I have faced that question even till my first year of undergrad?(this is part reality part fiction!!). Anyways this is the collection of replies that I have given to this question:

1) Pilot: well thats pretty common among kids in India, in USA the reply would have been Fireman. Anyways, I have not been gifted with a pretty good height and sight, so one dream shattered.

2) Doctor: well this was one I pursued but gave up when got a chance for some other interest. So no qualms about that.

3) Batman: No comments on that one!!

4) Writer: Well time for that is coming soon….

5) Wolverine: Well, wolverine’s actual height according to Marvel Comics matches mine, so I have fair chance at that….

6) Disco Dancer: This one I said after being highly impressed by Mithun Chakraborty starrer movie named Disco Dancer. I am happy that I did not say Mithun Da that day.

7) Mickey Mouse: This one I said fairly recently in full sane mind!!!

8. Athlete and Soccer player: Going by my high school record, I was on my way to be this one, till pressures from surroundings took me off that path. I will always miss this one!!!

9) Stand Up Comedian: Well a friend thinks so and told me this once. I take this as a best compliment, I have ever recieved.

* I am presently a research student working in the field of neuroscience and computational biology. I also write sometimes and thats how grown up, I am till now……

Antisense View of World as it was…

I follow news regularly but these days I dont really think and make opinions about what I see in news. But somebody (maybe my grandpa or my friend’s grandpa) said that its good to have opinions. So, today all of a sudden, I decided to ponder over the things that I read or heard about in last some weeks. But my antisense antics are hard to part with, even when I am discussing the news…that explains the title..So here we go….

1) Some doctors tried to blow up the Glasgow airport. Besides being an act of terrorism, I believe its a warning to all the wannabe doctors. The field of medicine is so cramped up that older people in profession are looking for alternative sources of employment. Here’s what you can do: Either open your clinics in villages or do something a litle less violent than bomb making. Lets see, you can start a photo shop selling all those X-Rays and Ultra sound of people in proper wooden or metallic frames. Also the attempt to blow airport was made in a JEEP CHEROKEE…..Now all my friends in India know which car I meant when I said that, “I have bought a Jeep cherokee’.

2) A women decided to walk semi nude to protest against atrocities done to her by her in-laws. Then a small time actress decided to protest against the means of this protest as it was against the Indian tradition. I believe that somebody should now protest against doing protest against a protest. My take on things: well PETA is becoming popular or at least their methods of protest are becoming popular.

3) Taj Mahal was included in list of New Seven Wonders of World. Well first time I voted for something and am happy that it won. I think I should also visit that place now (even though I live in Delhi, I have never been to Agra). The other day, one of my Chinese classmate asked me if I had visited the place and I felt so ashamed to say ‘No’ but I made it even as he had not seen Great Wall of China too.

4) I am surprised that Paris Hilton has not released a book or tape on her stay in jail till now. I am pretty sure that it will be out soon.

5) Zidane and Materazzi have decided to play together in a charity game to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s Birthday on 18th July. I have also heard that Zidane would play the whole game with headphones on and Materazzi has been given a chest plate to wear under his T-shirt.

6) Himesh Reshammiya starrer “Aap Ka Suroor” becomes hit at Box office in India. Well my take on that….Hmm…”No Comments”….

8 Random Facts

I was tagged by Amit to do this deceptively simple task which looks really cool on other people’s blog. But things are not that easy and simple as they seem. Anyways so here are the rules:

  1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
  2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
  3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
  4. If you fail to do this within eight hours, you will not reach Third Series or attain your most precious goals for at least two more lifetimes.

Ok, I read hours as ‘days’ in last rule, so am doing it after 5 days. And now I realise that my precious goals are not going to be attained in maybe 20 more lifetimes. Anyways, here are my 8 random facts:

  1. I co-authored a 12 page book titled “How to be the Center of Attraction, even when you are already the one” in my second year of undergrad. The book was a huge hit among all my classmates and their parents. Despite many requests for its part II, its sequel is still to come out.
  2. These days, I am very much interested into photography. I said ‘these days’ because sometime back, I was into painting, and before that music. By next year, I would be interested in film making.
  3. My favorite pastime in flights is the airshow channel because it does not repeat and is useful (under some circumstances!!)
  4. I am very particular about my pens. A small scratch on surface or a small blotch while writing…that pen is out of my armada.
  5. I love collecting caps. (No, am not bald…not till now!!)….Baseball caps and French caps are my favorite.
  6. I believe that Darwin was wrong about evolution but I dont have proofs to repudiate that theory.
  7. In my undergrad hostel, I used to plan and execute mischiefs like throwing empty buckets on people’s doors at odd hours in night. At one moment, there were only 10-15 buckets left in whole hostel of about 100 students. But I was the culprit who never got caught…alas! I was not even doubted.
  8. I love designing logos for fictitious companies. All my logos have a DNA double helix structure somewhere.

Now the tough part, I get to tag 8 people. So the tag goes to….(brief pause)….Charu, Rohan, Ashwini, Changu, Mangu, Pingu, Tingu, Gabbar(anybody with last five names, consider urself tagged).

Salman Rushdie Fatwa 2.0

Hey..Does anybody have the latest edition of fatwa issued in Salman Rushdie’s name…I just wanted to see what they have written in name column …Salman Rushdie or Sir Salman Rushdie…:)