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Tansen, Himesh,Jugalbandi and Light Show!!!

What if there was a Jugal Bandi between Tansen and Himesh Reshmiya Reshimya Reshmaiya Reshamiya Reshammiya. Dont you think it would have been a good light show with one lighting the lamps with his voice and other strangulating its flame.
Anyways it can serve as a nice tool to show students destructive interference.

On very different note..I wanted to ask this question for a long time now…”Is Castrol owned by Fidel Castro?”

Seven New Wonders of the World

“Voting for New Seven Wonders of the World is still going on. As a good Indian, vote for Taj”

I have received this message about 25 times now in my mailbox from my many different ‘Good’ Indian friends. I can never think of me being included in the list of ‘Not so good” Indians so naturally I voted too! The best part about voting was that if you are ready to shell out $2 then you can vote twice!!! That’s how money can affect the wonders of world. Wonderful money!!!

Anyways, I voted for Taj Mahal and seven other places. But then I was not very happy with the nominations. I think there are more wonderful things these guys missed. So here’s my addition to the nominations:

1) Fidel Castro: Well my grandfather heard about him as Cuban revolutionary, my father heard about him as Cuban president, I heard about him as Cuban President. So I have no doubt that if you take a ride to future, one question you can always ask futurites without worrying about faux pas is “Hey dude, Whats up with Fidel Castro these days?”

2) Schwarzenegger Muscles : They took him to Olympia contest, then to Hollywood, then California governership. Truly they are something….watch out what they do next!!

3) Indian Railways: Accepted that it runs late!!..but am asking only for a nomination!!

4) Graduate Students: A high efficiency machine that is always unable to give results is truly a wonder.

5) Ferozshah Kotla Cricket Stadium, New Delhi: It is always complete for a match but always incomplete otherwise.

6) Cartoon Characters: I think we should date of birth of all cartoon characters as  BWD (Before Walt Disney) and AWD (After Walt Disney) as we have BC and AD.

7) Harry Potter: Now don’t talk crap that he is not real, All you guys who say so, are muggles who want to stop me from doing PhD at Hogwarts.

P.S. This post was in true spirit of Antisense !!…Prabhu Deva should have featured on this one but he missed out closely!!

10+1 Ways to Remove Writer’s Block

1) Start your computer, open a new word document and keep on staring at the blank screen until your superman vision burns two holes in your computer screen.

2) Sleep as much as you can. After 1 month of hibernation, your brain itself would like to write something and you can actually write a book on sleeping then.

3) Take a walk and bang every other tree on your way with your head. This actually stimulates brain cells.

4)Hang upside down from your ceiling (like our very own spiderman style). This might pump more blood to your brain and may lead to more ideas popping up in your brain.

5)Marry* (will give you more tragic incidents to write on).

*Conditions apply

6)Stay 10 min. under water in your bath tub.

7)Buy a new pen/pencil (thats my favorite!!)

8)Attend a scientific lecture. Don’t forget to bring ur pen and notepad. I am pretty sure that you will get an idea every 2 min.

9) Remember your Mr. Boring/ Mr. Sleeping Pill ‘s high school class (in which you framed most of your short stories/poems). There may still be ideas that occurred to you then and you never penned them down.

10)Read latest book in market written by famous politician. It will encourage you to write anything or everything as you see even crap sells

11) Get inspired by this post and try to write “101 or 1001 ways to remove writer’s block”

CAUTION: Potential side effects may include burnt computers, bumps on head, broken down trees, global warming, hallucinations of being spiderman, blah bah blah…

Shadow Chasers

Water hangs precariously mid way,

As shadow chasers cry past you.

Broken, dirty tattered it lies on floor,

As wind strikes the transparent veil.

Half metal and half wooden sounds,

As chimes paint smudges on wall.