Scientists laughing!!!

This one I found out during one of those many seminars that we, scientists attend due to two reasons:

1) Food for stomach (the seminars are actually named as Pizza seminar, Cookie colloquium etc.)

2) Food for thought ( I don’t care much about this one though!!)

Anyways during one of these seminars, the distinguished speaker was talking about some new proteins that his lab had discovered. The amusing part was the names their lab had given to these proteins. The names they had given to these proteins were Rock-n-Rollers, Solo Dancers and Parting Dancers. Even before somebody could ask, the speaker explained that the way these proteins interact with each other during cell division, it looks like if one is watching a dance in the ballroom. And he actually showed some pictures of microscopic slides. At this point everybody in seminar room was displaying broad smiles!!!

I am thinking how interesting it would be to name all the proteins after dance forms or some accomplished dancers. Specially in India where it would be really amusing to proteins named Disco-Dancer, MithunDa, GovinDa, PrabhuDeva, Hritik, SriDe………:)

For all those who still doubt that scientists are all lab rats with a sense of humor which can be measured at nano scale, here is a reminder that they are wrong!!!!

For more nomenclature related humor, check the names of proteins in Drosophila!!!

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